Setting you free

Drenched in November rain and Tennessee whiskey, he looks down for the last glimpse of his love. He came in to say his vows and to her surprise, farewell as well. He has been practicing it almost every day from last 5 years hoping that the message will be clear and both their spirits dance in unison on the music of love.

Thunders roared in the backdrop and a cold shiver went down his spine. Raindrops forged his sight making it difficult for him to see. Even the lights went off. Amidst the sound of the rain came a voice shrieking, “It’s late! You should go home now!” His legs are heavy, can’t move. Somebody took a soul out of him and all it remains amidst the winter rain is the shadow of a guy who he used to be. “Go home or I’ll call the police”, said the man. The voice pierced through eardrums making way to his brain to react to it. Dejected and with great remorse he went back home.

 His soul is weary and eventually loses out to cold; beds aren’t for comfort and the place reeks of whiskey and vomit. There is hardly any occasion when his heart was let down by the Tlaloc. Grey set in his soul and tonight together they cry. He missed the warmth around the place and how lively it used to look when she is in the world.

Going through the bar he saw her favourite book rotting on the shelf. It is the same book that she insisted him to read! But lacking in time and urge, he never bothered to read it. Tonight it seems like the perfect combination that goes in hand with whiskey. Slouched on the bed, opens to read its credentials; there is note written, “If you seek redemption, open the last page.”

His senses came alight. Baffled as he opens up to the last page where some lines were written by her. It reads,

“Roses may have lost its glow,

but you’re ever-glowing in my heart.

World sets alight, when you hug me tight,

Seeing you like this I might kill myself tonight.

Don’t be afraid to lose control cuz you’ve nothing fear,

 I’ll be two steps behind you of this I’m clear.

With or without you, I’ll always be there,

 Look in the sky and you’ll see me there.

I’m not sure if I can do this, dilemma set in my mind,

Please bear with me and be kind.

 I promise I won’t ask for another shopping spree

Cuz tonight I’m setting you free.”


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