Take Me There

Battered, blood running through his nose. Tonight stars aren’t shinning the way they supposed to be. There is no victory music in the backdrop. Plain drop silence! 3 in the morning he rang the bell. His clothes are stained in blood; vision on the left eye can’t seem to identify a thing behind the façade of blood clot. But a wide grin never ceases to leave his face despite knowing that he committed a grave sin.

She opened the door to see him drenched in blood. Within a heartbeat their lips met. The warmth of the bruised lips mellowed by the sensuousness of her lips. The pain in his bones vanished, all the wounds seem to have become numb and all that remains is his soul adored by hers.

When the senses hit back and reality turns in, it feels like Monday morning; hard on your hungover head! With the calmness inside her head she took him to the he bedroom where he stripped off to catch a clear glimpse of the wounds. Sat on the chair butt-naked, each second seems like concoction of pain and remorse.

She nursed him while he drank straight from the bottle. Things turn pretty easy for him as whiskey began to hamper his senses one more time. Once she’s done, she puts him on bed and comfort herself next to him. Words didn’t appear in her mind but they’re needed to soothe the tornado that still resides in his head. She whispered last words before he loses out to sleep,

“My love for you is insatiable. We’re blessed to be same and sane. Sometimes I want to take you away from the world of distraught and loved you within the thoughts. I can’t put to display my affection but inside I want you to be the one that is going to bed next to me and snore. I want to kiss you goodnight and wake up to your beautiful face for this life and more. Take me to the place where you want to reside. For once I want to see what is in your mind. I’m like a candle that is going to burn out soon, I don’t want you to regret when I’m done in June.  TAKE ME THERE……….. before it’s too late.”

Four years on and he still remembers waking up next to her soul. No sign of love in her eye, her hands seem to never to reach out for his heart again; for that she is not here!


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