And it stoned me!

Set in the autumn of 2012, office party it was. It was a mandatory get-together activity which he was least interested in. A small setup of 15 people heading out for good sun, music and booze.  Everybody was gearing for the grand affair except him.

Putting aside his usual self he carried himself there only to notice that he was under-dressed for a party that is only a notch down of Page 3. Nonchalantly getting sucked into the vibe he comforts himself with a whisky. Soon the music is getting into him and he find himself dancing among the cacophony of souls. Felt the touch on his back, thought of it as a mistake. “I’m sorry!”  A refill on the cards drags him away from the crowd as he bumped into her. She apologised, again!

For a change he is loving the booze, TECHNO and people around him. She came upto bar and looked at him for the first time. Though sharing the same workplace and after endless sutta session, she recognised him, “You’re the guy who is always engrossed in laptop.”

“Hi, I’m Harshit”, socially awkward he is! “I know! I’m Sristhi”.

“I know!” and suddenly the dark clouds marauding over them! “It is bout to rain and Rooftop with the roof is a bad idea to party in September.” He loathes rain and the romanticism attached to it.

“We’re young and drunk! Lets dance!” She grabs him by his hand and lead the way to the dance floor. A loud thunder and people are looking for shed, except for them! With the first drop, the distance between them closed down and they looked into each other for the first time. “You got pretty eyes! Hazel?”. Complements makes him blush! “Yes!”

Soon Tlaloc grabbed the limelight and showered the place with all its mighty in the bid to make them run for a shed. Tonight he doesn’t want to be anywhere but here.


Take Me There

Battered, blood running through his nose. Tonight stars aren’t shinning the way they supposed to be. There is no victory music in the backdrop. Plain drop silence! 3 in the morning he rang the bell. His clothes are stained in blood; vision on the left eye can’t seem to identify a thing behind the façade of blood clot. But a wide grin never ceases to leave his face despite knowing that he committed a grave sin.

She opened the door to see him drenched in blood. Within a heartbeat their lips met. The warmth of the bruised lips mellowed by the sensuousness of her lips. The pain in his bones vanished, all the wounds seem to have become numb and all that remains is his soul adored by hers.

When the senses hit back and reality turns in, it feels like Monday morning; hard on your hungover head! With the calmness inside her head she took him to the he bedroom where he stripped off to catch a clear glimpse of the wounds. Sat on the chair butt-naked, each second seems like concoction of pain and remorse.

She nursed him while he drank straight from the bottle. Things turn pretty easy for him as whiskey began to hamper his senses one more time. Once she’s done, she puts him on bed and comfort herself next to him. Words didn’t appear in her mind but they’re needed to soothe the tornado that still resides in his head. She whispered last words before he loses out to sleep,

“My love for you is insatiable. We’re blessed to be same and sane. Sometimes I want to take you away from the world of distraught and loved you within the thoughts. I can’t put to display my affection but inside I want you to be the one that is going to bed next to me and snore. I want to kiss you goodnight and wake up to your beautiful face for this life and more. Take me to the place where you want to reside. For once I want to see what is in your mind. I’m like a candle that is going to burn out soon, I don’t want you to regret when I’m done in June.  TAKE ME THERE……….. before it’s too late.”

Four years on and he still remembers waking up next to her soul. No sign of love in her eye, her hands seem to never to reach out for his heart again; for that she is not here!

Setting you free

Drenched in November rain and Tennessee whiskey, he looks down for the last glimpse of his love. He came in to say his vows and to her surprise, farewell as well. He has been practicing it almost every day from last 5 years hoping that the message will be clear and both their spirits dance in unison on the music of love.

Thunders roared in the backdrop and a cold shiver went down his spine. Raindrops forged his sight making it difficult for him to see. Even the lights went off. Amidst the sound of the rain came a voice shrieking, “It’s late! You should go home now!” His legs are heavy, can’t move. Somebody took a soul out of him and all it remains amidst the winter rain is the shadow of a guy who he used to be. “Go home or I’ll call the police”, said the man. The voice pierced through eardrums making way to his brain to react to it. Dejected and with great remorse he went back home.

 His soul is weary and eventually loses out to cold; beds aren’t for comfort and the place reeks of whiskey and vomit. There is hardly any occasion when his heart was let down by the Tlaloc. Grey set in his soul and tonight together they cry. He missed the warmth around the place and how lively it used to look when she is in the world.

Going through the bar he saw her favourite book rotting on the shelf. It is the same book that she insisted him to read! But lacking in time and urge, he never bothered to read it. Tonight it seems like the perfect combination that goes in hand with whiskey. Slouched on the bed, opens to read its credentials; there is note written, “If you seek redemption, open the last page.”

His senses came alight. Baffled as he opens up to the last page where some lines were written by her. It reads,

“Roses may have lost its glow,

but you’re ever-glowing in my heart.

World sets alight, when you hug me tight,

Seeing you like this I might kill myself tonight.

Don’t be afraid to lose control cuz you’ve nothing fear,

 I’ll be two steps behind you of this I’m clear.

With or without you, I’ll always be there,

 Look in the sky and you’ll see me there.

I’m not sure if I can do this, dilemma set in my mind,

Please bear with me and be kind.

 I promise I won’t ask for another shopping spree

Cuz tonight I’m setting you free.”

A Night in the Fall

“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

There’s stain on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti

 He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm

 and ready to drop bombs,

But he keeps on forgetting what he bore down,

The whole crowd goes so loud”

That explains the lot what went down last night. A beautiful nightmare if I may say –heavy breathing, sweaty palms, lying uneven gasping for the last hint of air in the room adorns the time. A soul needs to wonder in the wake of an awakening – be it spiritual or mental.

A ride to hell seems like the best option available in that moment. Painful but pleasurable I may sum up this sensation. With each passing second my knees are wearing out, moans are getting loud as if someone is sucking the soul outta me. But somehow I won’t introduce this feeling as a Devil’s work nor do I sense any Dementor in the house.

The gate to the hell is in sight. I resisted at first, still want to explore what it looks like from inside. (WANDERLUST) My body bore a heavy weight, shivering went down from the spine to legs, “just a step away” I said to myself. As soon as I opened the door, it splashed and divulges the watery wrath on the micro-bacteria that resides on the cotton.

Open my eyes and look at the great mess that I’ve nonchalantly created. This is what happens when your girlfriend left you for some other guy. Erections are hard to come by and so does future prospects. Your forearm may have loosened up but your will to bone Maria Sharapova is still there.

Rules of Tinder – Guy’s Edition

How many of you have downloaded Tinder? Almost every desperate soul who needs action on weekends did it. I don’t blame you. I’m one of your kind. Even I need action every now and then. But, can ‘Tinder’ provide me with much-needed sexual relief?

The answer is, ‘YES’. All you need to do is don’t be an asshole that shit, be the ass hole she wants to eat. Here are some laid-down ‘Rules’ that one should follow in order to land a date or sex buddy. *wink-wink*

Rules for Dicks –

  • Your nipples aren’t tempting –

If you don’t possess 6 pack abs like Brad Pitt from Troy, please don’t flaunt your belly button. Girls literally have no interest in seeing your beer belly. That’s a big turn off. Put the nicest of shirts and click and post it on Tinder. Don’t forget to smile.

  • Can I have your number?

“Hell No! Creep!’ It is similar to asking her about the color of her panties. That’s not a Gentleman behaviour. Give it some time and pop up the question. If she gave you her digits, ‘All the Best’ wetting her pussy with your Morgan Freeman tone, if not, she is just ‘Angel Priya’ of Tinder.

  • Group Photos? You sure?

Never post a picture with a group or with a girl. If you want to, make sure you’re hell of an eye candy. Keep in mind she will never ever go out with an ugly ‘fuddu’.

  • Wordplay before foreplay!

If she is not dumb, she will never date you. Girls dig men with high intellect. Impress her with your words, not with the size of your cock (that’s secondary).

  • Don’t throw unnecessary things!

She wants to shower with you not with your complements. Be contempt with your magnanimity. Neither she wants to know how much you earn. Never disclose things unless she asks you about it.


CONCLUSION – You know you are ugly if you’re reading this.